FRIENDS Friday – 1/15

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I received a beautiful note from Kate C., ED at Andover, that I am pleased to share for this week’s FRIENDS Friday. Here it is in Kate’s words:

“I wanted to acknowledge all the teachers at our school (Andover), and thank them for their hard work day in and day out. They live and breathe our values in so many ways, but most importantly they love the kids here as if they are their own. Today I got a card from a parent, and I sent her an email to thank her. She responded back that she wanted to let us know how grateful she is for all of us for helping “raise” her son. It really made me think about how lucky we are to play such a large role in these children’s lives.

So to all the teachers at Andover and all of our other schools at Little Sprouts, please know that we deeply appreciate what you do today and every other day of the year! Our jobs are not easy, but they certainly are full of rewards! Thank you!”

As Kate rightly pointed out, we are fortunate to have all of our hugely dedicated teachers who bring Real Passion to their massively important work every day of the year. They treat Every Child Every Day as if they were their own. This selflessness never ceases to amaze me… and all of the other parents who are lucky enough to have children enrolled at Little Sprouts.

Thanks, Team Andover, for living our values!



  1. Very nice note from Kate C. to all her teachers. I have two grandchildren who attended the Andover (Webster Street) school through all its levels of learning – infant through kindergarten, and they just loved their teachers. I also have two grandchildren who are in Infant and Pre-K now. When the two oldest grandchildren graduated from kindergarten, they were ready to fly… full of self-confidence and eager to keep learning. Their experience at Little Sprouts prepared them to succeed both socially and mentally. I still remember how their faces lit up when their teachers greeted them each morning.
    Kudos to Kate, the teachers and and the staff at Little Sprouts Andover.

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