FRIENDS Friday – 11/18

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I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous mid-November Friday! It was great being with all of you last week. Your energy level, attentiveness and sheer passion were incredibly inspiring to behold. I hope you agree with me that this year’s CHILD Conference ranks amongst the best in recent memory. Many thanks to all who contributed to the massive undertaking, most notably Meghan McGinley Crowe.

I also hope you are looking forward to the short week coming up. To celebrate, let’s wear jeans all week. Enjoy!

Now, getting on with the business of today’s FRIENDS Friday, it is my honor and privilege to recognize two incredible teachers: Lauren McCall and Mackenzie Cruz. These educators run the Kindergarten program in our Haverhill West school, which I can say from firsthand experience is nothing short of extraordinary. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Nicole Bartlett, Associate Director of Education, shared this with me last week:

“I have had the opportunity to visit and observe Kindergarten at Haverhill West. I have very high expectations for this classroom and since Mrs. McCall and Mrs. Cruz are wonderful teachers, I’m never disappointed. This was my first visit to their classroom this school year and I was completely blown away. On this day, the children were writing speeches as candidates for President. They EXCELLED at phonetic spelling, writing, revising and editing tools, details in illustrations, reading their own work aloud and listening to one another with respect. This was a project that spanned a few days and most children had written two to five sentences expressing what they would do if they were president. HOLY MOLY! Not only were the children doing amazing work, but they were so proud and confident. Mrs. Cruz and Mrs. McCall were playful and supportive of all of their children and were able to modify their expectations for each child seamlessly. The children in this classroom have internalized rules, routines and positive social skills. Mackenzie Cruz and Lauren McCall are instilling their students with high quality life-long learning skills and I just want to thank them!”

To say that these educators have Real Passion for teaching is an understatement. I can also say with absolute certainty that they personify our “N” value, which states that Little Sprouts is Not Daycare! Lauren and Mackenzie make this reality abundantly clear each and every day. Trust me.

Thanks, Mrs. McCall and Mrs. Cruz, for living our values!


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