FRIENDS Friday 11/17

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It was so great being with all of you last week. I hope you’ve had a great week since then and, equally, I hope you are enjoying a great Friday leading into the short week ahead!

For today’s celebration, I want to share a posting from one of our families in Wilmington, which was brought to my attention by Executive Director Robin Gulubicki.

“About three years ago, Alexis and I started shopping around for daycares for our soon-to-be kiddo. We looked at about a million (or so it seemed at the time). We eventually settled on Little Sprouts in Wilmington. The building seemed a little small at first, but Alexis said she just loved the vibe there. She said – we’ve gotta pick a place where you feel good about the people. Man, was she right! On Friday, the Little Sprouts organization had their annual training. The staff from Wilmington dressed all in pink, wore pink ribbons, and called themselves “Team Beth” in my honor. I am humbled and so touched by this – and I am so glad that we made that choice. These are definitely the people I want caring for my son, and my family! Thank you to all the wonderful people at Little Sprouts 💜 ”

Robin went to on to say personally:

“Team Wilmington puts Family First. Not only by doing Team Beth but we recently held a bake sale to raise money to get gas cards and food for a family who was spending lots of time traveling nightly to visit a family member who was in a horrific car accident and are currently doing Penny Wars to raise money to provide Beth with meals to go on nights she has her chemo treatments. (She doesn’t know this yet!) I am so proud to be part of Team Wilmington!!”

I think Robin summed it up beautifully: Little Sprouts Wilmington puts Family First. Period. While Beth and Alexis articulated the focus of their child care search as seeking a place where they “feel good about the people”, I think an extension of that thought is that they wanted to find an environment that would nurture not just their son but rather their entire family.

Thanks, Team Wilmington, for living our values!


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