FRIENDS Friday – 10/28

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Happy dreary Friday! For today’s celebration, I am excited to pass along a nomination made by a teacher for her co-teacher and Education Coach. Megan S., a preschool teacher in Belmont, wanted to highlight the extraordinary professionalism of that school’s EC, Jenny Wilterdink. Here is what I heard from Megan:

“I am reaching out to you today to nominate my co-teacher Jenny for our FRIENDS Friday this week. Jenny is the preschool teacher at Belmont and has also recently taken on the role of Education Coach. She is such a wonderful teacher and does an exceptional job of balancing her preschool classroom responsibilities and her role as Education Coach for the school. She is so easy going and also calm and collected, which is why all of the teachers in Belmont feel comfortable and confident going to see her with questions about curriculum. She is a very positive force in our school, encouraging each and every teacher in what they do, while also making time to check in with how each of us is doing personally. The parents and children alike adore her. She goes out of her way to support the school, often staying late to help out and buying supplies on her own time to make sure these children and families get the most out of their time with Little Sprouts. She is an exceptional teacher, coach, friend, and person. Our Belmont school would not be the same without her.”

Wow! Megan said it beautifully. Jenny clearly puts her Little Sprouts Family First, while also going to great lengths to ensure that teachers and families alike understand that her school is Not Daycare!

Thanks, Jenny, for living our values!


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