FRIENDS Friday – 10/14

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Happy beautiful Fall Friday! For today’s celebration, I am sharing a note from a parent in our North Andover school. Their Executive Director, Anna McMahon, passed along this response to the 30-day check-in email that all newly-enrolled families receive:

“Thirty days have gone by quickly! The first week of leaving Lucas was very hard for me. I want to point out that Danielle and Jillian did not rush me out of the room at drop off time (Lucas cried). In fact they said for me to do what is “comfortable.” I really appreciated this attitude. Being new to day care I wasn’t sure I would be satisfied. However, I have to say I’ve been very happy so far. Danielle and Jillian have been wonderful with my little guy. From what I’ve observed, they are very calm and caring towards the children. I feel confident Lucas is in good hands. The curriculum is varied and Lucas seems to be enjoying the program. I have already noticed little changes in his learning progress… I must say that you, Anna, have been wonderful and easy to communicate with (another reason I chose Little Sprouts). I look forward to the continuing school year.”

I was inspired by this message because it suggested to me that these educators have been doing all the little things right. They are engaging appropriately with mom, displaying a great demeanor with the children, and delivering our curriculum in the way it is intended. As we know, it is all too easy to not fire on all cylinders all the time. However, it seems Danielle and Jillian are finding a way to really reach Every Child Every Day. It’s simple, but it’s not easy.

Thanks, Danielle and Jillian, for living our values!


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