FRIENDS Friday – 10/26

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A very happy Friday to you all! I hope everyone has been enjoying an exciting start to the World Series – let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the Red Sox continue to stay ahead!

Today’s spotlight features a beloved member of the Little Sprouts team: Jenn Peek, the Education Coach of Little Sprouts Wilmington. Cherished by her fellow teachers and families alike, this warm testament to her selfless nature comes as no surprise:

Dear Melissa

Although everyone at Little Sprouts Wilmington is helpful and always there when you need them, there is always one person that shines, and who I would like to acknowledge: Jenn Peek. She is always finding ways to help me with the children by being supportive, and she always helps me close the classroom at night, as I have children right up until 6 (and sometimes past 6). This is on top of her already-busy schedule being an Education Coach, helping out in classrooms, and “putting out fires”. She always remains calm and focused, and always has kind things to say with a smile.


Cheryl N.

Well said, Cheryl. Jenn’s helpful and supportive presence at our Wilmington school cannot be overstated. Her every action is motivated by a Family First mentality; when her team needs help, she is among the first to respond. She blends the role of caregiver and coworker seamlessly, resulting in a wonderful person who demonstrates Real Passion in all of her everyday tasks, big and small.

Thank you for living our values, Jenn!

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