FRIENDS Friday 10/20

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I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous fall weather!

For today’s celebration, I want to share a parent testimonial that Melinda Flanagan, Executive Director in Watertown, received recently. Here it is:

“The last few months have not only been great for our daughter and us as parents, but the amount of activities and creative projects is also very impressive. I know she has been enjoying every second, and we certainly get a kick out of seeing pictures of her enjoying her day (and milking a cow 😊). She loves her teachers so and talks about them at home all the time, so please be sure to pass this along to Allie, Becky, Hillary, et al. Once again, thanks to you and Robin for providing a great environment for not only the kids, but the teachers as well.”

I loved this message for several reasons, but perhaps mostly for the reminder it offers about the profound impact each of you has on the children in your classrooms. It is clear that Allie, Becky and Hillary prioritize meaningful engagement with Every Child Every Day, which in turn leads this little girl to feeling a deep sense of connection to her teachers.

Thanks, Allie, Becky, Hillary and all of Team Watertown, for living our values!


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