FRIENDS Friday 1/5

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I hope this note finds you warm and mostly recovered from yesterday’s storm. It was a doozy!

Appropriately, today’s message celebrates some snow day heroics. As I understand it, after families in our Melrose school were notified on Wednesday evening of the school closing on Thursday, a parent of a child sent an email around 7:30pm asking if she could stop by the school to grab medicine that she had forgotten at pick-up. Nobody was at the school since it had been closed for some period of time. However, before the school leadership could even process the parent’s email, Janine C. returned to the school to meet this parent. Not only did she do this without anyone asking her to do it, but she also offered an inspiring sentiment when complimented on her selflessness. She said, “Of course I would do this. This child is my child too.” This beautiful expression of love captures the essence of our Every Child Every Day value.

Thanks, Janine, for living our values!


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