FRIENDS Friday – 1/25

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Happy Friday, FRIENDS! After experiencing several different seasons this week (gotta love New England!), I hope you all are looking forward to a nice, fun weekend.

It is wonderful to receive so many nominations for FRIENDS Friday within our team. Nothing exemplifies a supportive organization more than so many members eager to share words of praise about one another. This week, though, is a bit of a change. Katie Levasseur, a Talent Acquisition Specialist within our home office, has her adorable son Jack enrolled at our Little Sprouts Lawrence school, and she shared this delightful bit of feedback she received from a regular visitor:

Hi, Melissa!

Happy Friday! I hope you are having a pleasant week. J

I wanted to share some feedback I received from Lisa Bingley, Jack’s Behavioral Therapist from South Bay. She has been coming to the Lawrence school to work with Jack for a couple of months, and she is always raving about the school and our Lawrence teachers. She has been in the field for 25 years, as an ECE director as well as working in behavioral health, and she has mentioned several times how vibrant, friendly, and welcoming the Lawrence school has been. She is especially impressed with how open Juan, Angel, and the teachers have been when discussing helpful approaches for Jack’s development. She’s also made comments about helpful and positive Jullisa and Karla have been when she needs to ask them questions. I already knew how wonderful our team of educators is in this school, but her feedback has just confirmed for me how lucky Jack is to be a part of this program.

We all know that we are one large fantastic family, but there is something special about a rave review such as this coming from another member of the early education field. Lisa’s long and robust experience in the field underlines an obvious point: she has worked with many schools, in many different areas. The fact that our Lawrence school stands out to her as unique is, on its own, a point to be proud of (although not a surprise to us!), but the praise she has for the staff at the school truly shows that what makes our Lawrence school special is not owed to one person – it is a genuine team effort. I think Lisa would agree that what is happening in our school daily is absolutely Not Daycare… it’s so much more.  Our jobs are demanding, and couldn’t be more important. Keep that team spirit alive, because it doesn’t go unnoticed!

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