FRIENDS Friday 1/12

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I hope you are enjoying this welcome reprieve from Winter!

For today’s celebration, I am excited to share a parent testimonial from our North Andover school. These parents are appropriately recognizing the extraordinary talents and dedication of Allison F. Over the past 8 years, Allison has been a constant source of leadership and inspiration at our North Andover school. This is far from the first time I have heard from a parent about how much Allison has exceeded expectations, but I felt this recognition was particularly poignant. Without further ado, here is what I received:

“I am writing to express gratitude to our teacher Miss Allison who works at Little Sprouts in North Andover. Our family is sincerely expressing appreciation to such a gifted and proactive teacher. After the previous teacher had left and a new very young teacher was placed in my daughter’s group, my daughter expressed severe anxiety and was very disturbed by the new teaching methods. It wasn’t just a detachment issue. No one knew how to handle this situation. Miss Allison was the one who took the situation in her hands and fixed it. She was the only one who found the ways to distract the child, to approach her, to calm her down and to teach her, which eventually led her to ease off on the rest of the staff. Ms. Allison took on the responsibility without any guidance or special requests and her teaching and leadership skills truly shined. Moreover, the assessment that was done by Ms. Allison is a true reflection of my child’s abilities and skills. It rarely happens when a teacher assesses a child with such precision. We truly believe Ms. Allison is an amazing, professional, energetic teacher who has an innate ability to lead by example.”

This acknowledgement leaves no doubt that Allison embraces Every Child Every Day. Moreover, this family knows the extent to which Allison is Not Daycare. She is, as they said, “an amazing, professional, energetic teacher”.

Thanks, Allison, for living our values!


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