Kaymbu Tablet Program

Kaymbu (rhymes with Bamboo) is an iPad application committed to helping parents remain connected to their child through images, videos and captions. Kaymbu’s innovative platform allows teachers to easily share memorable moments with you and your loved ones through email and text messaging.

With a click of a button, teachers can “tag” your child and securely send pictures or videos directly to your inbox or smartphone. Gone are the days of waiting until the teacher finds time to upload the pictures to a shared school computer and trudge through multiple steps to send them along.

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What Our Parents Are Saying

“My happy boy!! These pictures are so great. It makes my first day back to work much better. :)”
Infant Parent, LS Woburn

“Thank you! We love the pictures – it looks like she’s having a great time. :)”
Infant Parent, LS Arlington

“Mr. Logan is definitely My Sunshine. Thank you for continuing to uplift my day with photos of my precious grandchild.”
Infant Grandparent, LS Brighton

“So cute. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 I love getting pictures of Victoria throughout the day. :)”
Infant Parent, LS Methuen

“Nice, she looks so happy! Thank you!”
Infant Parent, LS Haverhill

“Glad to see the tears stopped. Thanks for the pics!”
Preschool Parent, LS Melrose

“Look at that smile, she’s so happy there. Can’t thank you all enough. She’s in love with Little Sprouts.”
Toddler Parent, LS North Andover

“Very nice, I like it. Thank you to all the teachers who care about my child’s education!”
Pre-K Parent, LS Lowell

“Love!!!! Look at her sweet smile!! Loving school so much!!! ”
Infant Parent, LS Dedham