Early Childhood Education: Why a Strong Start Matters

Early Life: The Cornerstone Phase of Development

Research has consistently shown that the first several years of a child’s life play an enormous role in their development. Social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth all occur at an accelerated rate from birth to three years old – proving that this age is crucial to establishing a foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Little Sprouts schools provide an educational jumpstart for children from birth to kindergarten, creating a trajectory that leads them to future success and an abundance of opportunity.

Engaging Educational Environments

In Little Sprouts classrooms, children engage in a wide variety of stimulating activities that encourage development, enhance abilities, and hone fundamental skills. Our early childhood educators are equipped with the resources necessary to ensure students start their learning journey prepared for the years ahead. While our infant rooms are secure settings that allow babies to explore and discover the world around them, toddler classrooms are filled with age-appropriate toys and activities, ensuring young children are actively engaged and continuously interested. preschool, pre-k and kindergarten classrooms provide a gentle introduction to school settings, where children are encouraged to express their own individuality through social interactions and play.

Passionate Early Childhood Educators

Our early childhood teachers are career professionals who dedicate their skills to making a lasting difference in the lives of every child in our schools. A typical day in our daycare finds our teachers adopting a child-centric approach, where customized learning is used to ensure the needs of all enrolled students are met. Developmental goals are set in our program, allowing teachers to modify activities as needed; if a child has mastered a particular skill, we will increase the challenge of the activity, providing an opportunity for improvement. For children who are just introduced to a new skill, or still honing one, teachers will ensure an activity is approachable, allowing for an effective developmental experience.

Supportive Early Childhood Assistants

Teamed with our certified childhood educators, our early childhood assistants play an important role in classrooms. Responsibilities include leading activities, assisting with lesson plans, day-to-day classroom maintenance, and more. While many of our assistants are actively working through college or certification programs, they are able to gain hands-on experience providing early education and care within our thriving early learning communities.

From Infant Daycare to Kindergarten and Beyond

When choosing a daycare center or preschool, we know that parents are looking for a location that will serve as a springboard for their child’s education journey not just in childhood, but through life. Before you register your child in daycare, you will want to ensure the center provides the framework needed to inspire a love of learning.

We invite you to visit Little Sprouts and take a closer look at our programs directly in our classrooms. Our childcare teachers and assistants are happy to provide a closer look at the educational experiences they provide daily – and seeing children engrossed in our stimulating learning environments for yourself will prove you have found the right place for your family.