covid precautions in daycare setting

HEALTH & SAFETY at Little Sprouts

Personal safety is rooted in trust. Little Sprouts has grown and strengthened trust with families throughout the COVID crisis due to our unwavering commitment to clear and transparent communication. We invite you to use our COVID Childcare Checklist to help guide your conversations with us and any other schools, daycares, or childcare providers.

COVID Childcare Checklist

Our Responsible Response

Little Sprouts remains in regular contact with local health and education experts. We take our role as public health partners extremely seriously. We are committed to help reduce the spread and transmission of COVID-19. Our informed COVID procedures and protocols are designed around CDC guidance. We are proud to model for our children how we can all play a meaningful part in caring for ourselves and others.

teacher mask in daycare setting

Wellness & Masking

Daily health screens are conducted for each child and employee prior to entering school. All of our staff wear a mask throughout the day and masking is now a part of our healthy habits curriculum.

social distancing in daycare setting

Social Distancing

Practicing social distance at Little Sprouts means keeping to small group sizes and limiting interactions. It means rearranging our classrooms to create more room to play. Little Sprouts Teachers still hug, hold, and comfort children.

covid precautions in daycare setting


To best protect all of those who depend on our high-quality care, direct access to Little Sprouts schools is limited right now to enrolled children and employees.

In This Together

Partnership is at the core of our COVID response plan. Little Sprouts is a trusted partner with the Department of Public Health in every town in which we operate. We provide regular and updated COVID trainings and support to our outstanding staff, and we keep families informed every step of the way.

Hear From Families Who've Returned

covid precautions in daycare setting

covid precautions in daycare setting

In School & At Home

Nothing is more important than the well-being of our children. That’s why in addition to providing responsible, small group, in-person care, Little Sprouts also provides on-demand access to hours of videos, songs, games, and activities through our at-home resource library.

Little Sprouts At Home


While doctors, nurses, scientists, and health experts work to alleviate and eradicate COVID, we remain committed to providing the high-quality childcare that we know is essential to keeping working families in the field. While no one can responsibly guarantee an environment that is constantly COVID-free at all times, Little Sprouts can confidently tell you exactly how we respond to confirmed COVID cases, how we continue to maintain confidentiality while fully participating in contact tracing, and why, even now, so many members of our community continue to feel fully seen, heard, and cared for by Little Sprouts.