Home Childcare vs. Learning at Home through Guided Activities & Professional Resources

While home childcare is an appropriate option for some families, an added benefit of enrolling in center-based childcare is having easy and reliable access to vetted activities and developmentally appropriate resources for your children at home.

Every day in our daycares, children set out to discover the world. Now, we invite you to share in that discovery by bringing some of our favorite childcare activities into your home. The games, videos, and resources on this site are designed to offer you and your children, from babies to preschoolers, some easy, fun, and meaningful ways to engage learning while outside of school. You’ll find the classroom serves as the basis of our wide library of content – and that it includes more diverse activities than you could imagine!

Our at-home resource library, full of flexible options, is designed with both children and parents in mind, so that families can continue to thrive together.

We remain proud and ever-grateful to be your partners in early education.

Infant, Toddler and Preschool Activities based on our Budding Scholars Approach
Created by Little Sprouts teachers and directors.

Clean Learning Let's Get Crafty
All About Me Where We Live All About Dolls Gardens/Planting-Dirt
Gardens/Planting-Seeds Gardens/Planting-Plants Gardens/Planting-Flowers Gardens/Planting-Vegetables
Spring Animals-Ducks Spring Animals-Chicks Spring Animals-Butterflies Spring Animals-Bunnies
Spring Animals-Birds Exploring Colors-Blue Exploring Colors-Orange Exploring Colors-Red
Exploring Colors-Yellow Exploring Colors-Green Pets-Cats Pets-Dogs
Pets-Birds Pets-Fish Pets-Ferrets Ocean
Ocean-Fish Ocean-Octopus Ocean-Crab Ocean-Shark
Beach-Ocean Beach-Sun Beachwear Beach-Toys
Beach-Creatures Eric Carle-The Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle-The Grouchcy Ladybug Eric Carle-The Tiny Seed
Eric Carle-The Very Busy Spider Eric Carle-The Mixed Up Chameleon Kindness-Love Kindness-Friends
Kindness-Smile Kindness-Hug Kindness-Kiss Summer Treats-Ice Cream
Summer Treats-Frozen Yogurt Summer Treats-Watermelon Summer Treats-Strawberries Summer Treats-Desserts
Bugs-Butterflies + Caterpillars Bugs-Ladybugs Bugs-Bees Bugs-Ants + Spiders
Bugs-Crickets Picnic Time Pinic Time-Baskets Pinic Time-Food
Pinic Time-Games Picnic Time-Places Great Outdoors-Mon Great Outdoors-Tues
Great Outdoors-Wed Great Outdoors-Thurs Great Outdoors-Fri Summer Sunshine-Mon
Summer Sunshine-Tues Summer Sunshine-Wed Summer Sunshine-Thurs Summer Sunshine-Fri
Music-Mon Music-Tues Music-Wed Music-Thurs
Music-Fri Construction-Mon Construction-Tues Construction-Wed
Construction-Thurs Construction-Fri Zoo-Mon Zoo-Tues
Zoo-Wed Zoo-Thurs Zoo-Fri Fruits & Veggies-Mon
Fruits & Veggies-Tues Fruits & Veggies-Wed Fruits & Veggies-Thurs Fruits & Veggies-Fri
Senses-Touch Senses-Smell Senses-Sight Senses-Hearing
Senses-Taste Apples-Mon Apples-Tues Apples-Wed
Apples-Thur Apples-Fri Autumn Leaves-Mon Autumn Leaves-Tues
Autumn Leaves-Wed Autumn Leaves-Thurs Autumn Leaves-Fri Harvest-Mon
Harvest-Tues Harvest-Wed Harvest-Thurs Harvest-Fri
Woodland Animals-Mon Woodland Animals-Tues Woodland Animals-Wed Woodland Animals-Thurs
Woodland Animals-Fri Transportation-Mon Transportation-Tues Transportation-Wed
Transportation-Thurs Transportation-Fri In the Pumpkin Patch-Mon In the Pumpkin Patch-Tues
In the Pumpkin Patch-Wed In the Pumpkin Patch-Thurs In the Pumpkin Patch-Fri Fall into Fall
Apples and Pumpkins Fall on the Farm Fall in our Community Fall in the Garden
Family-Mon Family-Tues Family-Wed Family-Thurs
Family-Fri Community Helpers-Mon Community Helpers-Tues Community Helpers-Wed
Community Helpers-Thurs Community Helpers-Fri Safety-Mon Safety-Tues
Safety-Wed Safety-Thurs Safety-Fri Thankful-Mon
Thankful-Tues Thankful-Wed Thankful-Thurs Thankful-Fri
Baking-Mon Baking-Tues Baking-Wed Baking-Thurs
Baking-Fri Winter Animals-Mon Winter Animals-Tues Winter Animals-Wed
Winter Animals-Thurs Winter Animals-Fri Winter Weather-Mon Winter Weather-Tues
Winter Weather-Wed Winter Weather-Thurs Winter Animals-Fri Winter Wonderland-Mon
Winter Wonderland-Tues Winter Wonderland-Wed Winter Wonderland-Thurs Winter Wonderland-Fri
Cookies-Mon Cookies-Tues Cookies-Wed Cookies-Thurs
Cookies-Fri Trains-Mon Trains-Tues Trains-Wed
Trains-Thurs Trains-Fri Colors Around Us-Mon Colors Around Us-Tues
Colors Around Us-Wed Colors Around Us-Thurs Colors Around Us-Fri Shapes-Mon
Shapes-Tues Shapes-Wed Shapes-Thurs Shapes-Fri
Winter Birds-Mon Winter Birds-Tues WinterBirds-Wed Winter Birds-Thurs
Winter Birds-Fri Movement, Fitness & Sports-Mon Movement, Fitness & Sports-Tues Movement, Fitness & Sports-Wed
Movement, Fitness & Sports-Thurs Movement, Fitness & Sports-Fri Emotions-Mon Emotions-Tues
Emotions-Wed Emotions-Thurs Emotions-Fri Kindness Matters-Mon
Kindness Matters-Tues Kindness Matters-Wed Kindness Matters-Thurs Kindness Matters-Fri
You Are Special-Mon You Are Special-Tues You Are Special-Wed You Are Special-Thurs
You Are Special-Fri We Love Earth-Mon We Love Earth-Tues We Love Earth-Wed
We Love Earth-Thurs We Love Earth-Fri Numbers-Mon Numbers-Tues
Numbers-Wed Numbers-Thurs Numbers-Fri Celebrate Reading-Mon
Celebrate Reading-Tues Celebrate Reading-Wed Celebrate Reading-Thurs Celebrate Reading-Fri
Dinosaurs-Mon Dinosaurs-Tues Dinosaurs-Wed Dinosaurs-Thurs
Dinosaurs-Fri Weather-Mon Weather-Tues Weather-Wed
Weather-Thurs Weather-Fri Planting Rainbows-Mon Planting Rainbows-Tues
Planting Rainbows-Wed Planting Rainbows-Thurs Planting Rainbows-Fri Spring Animals-Mon
Spring Animals-Tues Spring Animals-Wed Spring Animals-Thurs Spring Animals-Fri
Week of the Young Child-Mon Week of the Young Child-Tues Week of the Young Child-Wed Week of the Young Child-Thurs
Week of the Young Child-Fri Bugs-Mon Bugs-Tues Bugs-Wed
Bugs-Thurs Bugs-Fri Recycling Fun-Mon Recycling Fun-Tues
Recycling Fun-Wed Recycling Fun-Thurs Recycling Fun-Fri Flowers-Mon
Flowers-Tues Flowers-Wed Flowers-Thurs Flowers-Fri

Joining Your Classroom From Home

We want to make learning (and parenting!) easier, no matter where you are! While safe at home, our supplemental online learning resources are designed to serve children and families across all of our schools, even when school may not be in session. Even during COVID closures, when our licensed facilities may not be able to be fully open, we offer fun, engaging, and quality classroom content. The authors of our virtual learning curriculum are two of our very own teachers. These teachers have worked collectively with their colleagues and enrolled families to test and check different digital approaches, lessons, and tips for toddlers through preschoolers and are now thrilled to invite all of our families to sign-in and experience our still evolving online classroom! Always innovating, our staff is eager to share their child care training with families to widely benefit the healthy development of all children.

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