FRIENDS Friday – 3/9

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I hope this finds you recovering comfortably from yet another doozy of a storm!

Speaking of the storm, today’s FRIENDS Friday celebrates a dedicated educator who demonstrated her commitment to the children in her care on Thursday morning. Amidst the raging storm, Diamond R., a teacher at our Brighton school, got into her car at 4:30am. It wasn’t until 5:00am that she learned from her Director that the school would be closing for the day. By that point, her car had gotten stuck and she had to wait two hours for a tow truck. At this point you might be thinking, “Hey, Mark… thanks for the uplifting story!” But, wait… here comes the inspiration! When Regional Director Jackie K. checked in on Diamond later that afternoon, Diamond offered this inspiring sentiment: “Of course, I need to get there for my babies, I would get up as early as needed!”

I love how Diamond used the phrase “my babies”. Many of you use that exact choice of words when describing the children in your classrooms, and I find it heartwarming every time I hear it.

It is clear that Diamond has Real Passion for her friends and goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure they are loved and cared for.

Thanks, Diamond, for living our values!


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