FRIENDS Friday – 6/30

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We made it… the long weekend is finally just hours away! I hope you enjoy the four days of rest, rejuvenation and, if you’re of my carnivorous persuasion, BBQ!

For today’s FRIENDS Friday, I am pleased to acknowledge Maureen Bly, Executive Director of our Haverhill NECC school. Maureen was recognized by a parent whose child is graduating from the program. The parent sent this inspiring note to Regional Director Heather Mohika, who in turn sent it to me:

“I hope this message finds you well. My daughter has been a student here at Little Sprouts for just about three years. As we are nearing the end of her time at Little Sprouts and as she goes forward into the great world of kindergarten, I thought it would be important to recognize a very special person. Maureen Bly has been a huge asset to your facility. She consistently demonstrates a positive, warm and cheerful manner. Maureen was supportive helping me juggle day care and my work schedule as a single mom. I feel it’s necessary to say that she provides a welcoming and safe feel to this facility. I never doubted my child would not be cared for or nurtured while under her supervision. This is an experience as a mom that speaks volumes. Maureen always gave me a sense of security and peace when I left my daughter, and during the most difficult times of my life. The loss of a mother, divorce, etc. I guess I needed to share this with you before we say goodbye. I will miss her greatly, there are not many people in the world like that. Especially when it comes to leaving your child in the care of someone else. Thank you for her!”

As I read this message, it occurred to me that Maureen may not have even the slightest clue about how important she has been in this woman’s life and that of her daughter. Maureen goes about her work exactly the way this mom described. And, in doing so, she has a profound impact on those who have the good fortune to cross her path at NECC. She puts Family First and her holistic approach to family support makes it clear to parents that her school is Not Daycare… it is, as that particular value states, so much more…

Thanks, Maureen, for living our values!


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