FRIENDS Friday – 3/3

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I hope you’ve been enjoying your first few days of non-Friday jeans. I know I have!

For today’s FRIENDS Friday, I am going to do something a bit unconventional. Rather than share a story, I want to offer a reminder about something we discussed a few months ago at the CHILD Conference.

You might wonder what prompted this deviation from the norm. Well, as you surely know, March Madness begins in earnest next week. When Monday rolls around, each of your schools will be immersed in a different theme. Around the Home Office, we will have a RAINBOW day. As you may recall, RAINBOW was also our theme at the CHILD Conference. So, as I was thinking about how I might personally bring to life the RAINBOW theme on Monday, it got me reflecting on the CHILD Conference generally. Which, at long last, brings me back to the reminder…

During my presentation, I shared with you this image:


This is a Wordle that depicts what the word “team” means to YOU. The words that appear the largest, of course, are the ones that we heard most frequently when we posed this question to you. During the presentation, I took some creative liberties and created a new word that I hope has become prominent in each of your schools: CCCST. {pronounced somewhat like a snake hissing}


If you and your team have found ways to embrace these five traits, I bet you’ve discovered an enhanced sense of Family First around your school. If not, you might consider using some of the March Madness fun as a springboard to reinvigorate your commitment to being a teammate that others would describe as CCCSTastic! Whatever being a great teammate means to you, there is no time like the present for Driving Growth on this fundamental component of your development journey.


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