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For our celebration this afternoon, I want to share with you a story that I learned of through our longtime friend and Regional Director, Alyssa Robinson. At our weekly management meeting on Monday, Alyssa was excited to tell our team about a phenomenal demonstration of leadership and commitment that unfolded at our East Berkeley Street school over the weekend.

As you all know, it is not unusual for passionate early educators to dedicate time on nights and weekends to ensure that their classroom environment is absolutely top notch for the children in their care. I am always inspired when I hear of teachers putting in that sort of extra effort to promote an experience for children that is decidedly Not Daycare! I was similarly inspired to hear of an effort that was put forth by Meghan McLaughlin (ED), Emily Horrigan (EC) and Jasmine Nettrour (preschool teacher) to ensure that the environment for teachers is equally comfortable and desirable.

What Alyssa told us is that Meghan, Emily and Jasmine (and Meghan’s husband and children!) spent all day (and most of the night) on Saturday overhauling the school’s staff room. They were at the school from (no joke) 8:30am to 10:30pm!! When I reached out to Meghan to extend my appreciation to her and the crew for the above-and-beyond work they put in, she made a point of telling me exactly what motivated her to do it. I found it beautiful, so I want to share her comments with all of you:

“I did it for the staff because they really need a space of their own… They really are awesome and they really deserve the space that we made for them. I’m just lucky to have them. We have a lot of fun together and you see that through all our silly pictures but really the staff is incredible. Do you know I have to tell them to go home at the end of the day because they stick around to be able to talk to the parents? They always say, ‘But I just need to see ______’s mom to tell her ___________’ and I always say to just tell the closing teacher to pass along the message. And so often, too someone I thought has gone and then it’s an hour later and I say why are you here and they say that they have clocked out already but they just went to visit children in other classrooms. These teachers are dedicated to these children and families. I am so proud to work with them.”

It is clear from Meghan’s note that her team at East Berkeley is deeply committed to serving Every Child Every Day. And it is clear from their actions last weekend that Meghan, Emily and Jasmine have Real Passion for their work.

Thanks, Team East Berkeley, for living our values!


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